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Couples usually come to therapy when the relationship is either problematic or beginning to feel dead. My therapeutic approach brings liveliness back to the relationship, so you can develop a better understanding of each other, and solve practical problems, together.

Here's an example:

I had a couple come in once who obviously wanted to stay together but were constantly bickering and putting each other down. When we began the work, we were all standing in a triangle. And I took her hand and playfully said, “well I’ll take her. I think she’s great!” Then he took her other hand, pulled her back towards him, and proceeded to pretend to fight for her. He went into all the things about her that he loved. She teared up with joy.

I do give couples assignments -- often challenging, but always playful.

A sample assignment:

With one couple who had lost much of the joy in their relationship, I had them go out and pretend to be on a blind date with each other. They were instructed to talk a little bit too loud at a restaurant so people could overhear them. It shook things up, helping them , unites them as a couple, brought them in on soomething that no one else was in on. When they came back the next week, they reported thoroughly enjoying the experience.

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