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Over time, I find that my clients have a renewed sense of freedom and engagement in life one they often didn’t know was possible. Frequently, they find themselves surprised by how far they’ve come in a short period of time.

Most people come to therapy expecting the therapist to solve their problems.

This is do-able, but we usually find much more than mere solutions ... WE FIND ZEST.

Individual Therapy


In individual therapy, I’ll spend some time getting to know you and understanding your concerns and where you are in life. Imagine you’ve never seen a coral reef with colorful fish, and you stick your head under water for the very first time and see them ... "a ha, oh!!" ... this is what I hope we find. This is the goal of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy with me will be both a support and a challenge. If appropriate, embodiment will be included, we’ll move around the room and play as freely as possible, with serious concerns. This ain’t your mother’s therapy. (No offense meant to your mother.)

Couples and Families

Just as individuals have their own entities, couples and families are their own entities. Being in an intimate relationship is a challenge. It’s much easier to be alone. It’s just not as rewarding. Being in a family is a challenge. Sometimes it feels easier for everyone to just isolate themselves in their rooms or behind their screens. At times it seems like there’s no end to the conflicts. Therapy with me is directed towards creating delight and zest in all relationships.

Parenting Consultations
(short-term; 1-10 sessions with possible follow-ups)

Parenting is an amazing experience -- full of challenges, terror at times, heartbreak, and incredible joy. (Sometimes you want to drop kick them to Chicago. And other times your heart is just soaring with love.) Parenting consultations can be short-term, guided by attachment theory and playfulness.

        “Children with problems are discouraged children.”

                                         Rudolph Dreikurs

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